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Aroma Espresso Bar opened its doors in the U.S in 2006, offering the ultimate synthesis of fast service, an attractive gourmet menu, contemporary decor, and devoted service - all at reasonable prices.

Coffee is a top priority at Aroma.
We work in partnership with the renowned Balestra family of Naples, Italy, who has specialized in the production of gourmet coffee for generations. Our roasting knowledge and equipment come directly from the expertise of this family. Aroma's state-of-the-art roasting house roasts beans five days a week and packs them in our unique valve and vacuum-sealed packages. Our flavorful coffee beans are then continually shipped to branches worldwide where highly skilled baristas prepare an array of fresh and rich gourmet coffee beverages.

When it comes to food, Aroma is no less committed to quality. We strive to provide fresher, tastier, and most importantly: healthier food. Our menu is short yet dynamic, and chock full of wholesome made-to-order salads and sandwiches. Bread and pastries are baked on-site, and produce is delivered daily to ensure freshness.