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  • Aroma Franchise Application Form

  • Primary Application Personal Information

  • In which country are you a citizen?
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  • Marital Status
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  • State/Provience *
  • Will you be the sole owner of this business?*
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  • Have you ever applied for Aroma Espresso Bar franchise? *
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  • Additional Personal Information

  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
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  • Have you or your spouse been involved in any litigation in the last 5 years?
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  • Please read carefully,

    I understand that the submission of this application does not obligate me or Aroma Espresso Bar in any manner, nor does it imply that here is any legal or commercial relationship between myself and Aroma Espresso Bar. I further understand that Aroma Espresso Bar has the sole right to approve or disapprove the Application for any reason it may determine, and in the event that Aroma Espresso Bar rejects the Application, Aroma Espresso Bar shall have no liability or ongoing obligations toward me. I certify that the information contained in this Application is accurate and complete. I authorize Aroma Espresso Bar, or its agent, to investigate my background as it pertains to my qualifications and to verify any and all data submitted; to obtain a credit report and obtain any other information about my credit history as it seems necessary in order to evaluate my suitability as a potential Aroma Espresso Bar franchise.
  • Consent to Criminal and Credit Background Check

    In accordance with the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552 a), Freedom of Information Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I expressly authorize any past or present employer, any law enforcement agency, federal, state or local, or any person who has personal knowledge of my character, work experience or criminal records to release information to Aroma and its affiliates. I agree to provide Aroma with any other information it may request to complete its investigation of my background. I understand and acknowledge that as a condition to being considered for the Aroma Espresso Bar franchising program, I must submit to a credit history check and a criminal background check to be performed by a reputable agency of Aroma’s choice. I understand that the credit and criminal reporting agencies will make their results known to Aroma, and Aroma may use those results in determining whether I will be granted the right to enter into a Franchise Agreement with Aroma. If requested by Aroma, I agree to supply statements from my professional advisors (banker, broker, accountant and/or attorney) verifying my assets and to furnish copies of U.S. federal income tax returns as filed for the last three years. I hereby release all persons from liability as a result of obtaining my personal and professional information.
  • I agree to the terms above

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