The total start-up costs of an Aroma espresso bar currently range between $527,500 and $1,495,000. Please see Item 7 of Aroma’s current FDD for a break-down of these costs.

The start-up costs for an Aroma espresso bar include the initial franchise fee of $55,000 that is paid to Aroma for a single location. Please see Item 5 of Aroma’s current FDD for a list of other initial fees paid to Aroma. Ongoing fees include 7% of sales to be paid to Aroma monthly. Please see Item 6 of Aroma’s current FDD for a list of other fees paid to Aroma during the franchise term.

Aroma does not make any representations about a franchisee’s future financial performance. You may talk to Aroma’s current franchisees about their experience. Contact information for our franchisees can be found in Aroma’s current FDD.

Presently Aroma does not provide direct financing nor do we facilitate affiliate programs or sources for third-party lending. The ideal Aroma franchise owner has sufficient capital to purchase and run their business independently.

Prior experience in the food service or Fast Casual industry is not required. Aroma will provide new owners with a comprehensive six-month training program and continuing advisory support as needed.

Finding the ideal spot for your Aroma espresso bar is a critical step in the start-up process. Typically, Aroma will lease the site directly from the landlord and sublease it to you. In some cases, you may lease the site directly. We provide location assistance but you are ultimately responsible for selecting a location that meets our requirements. We must approve any location you select.

It typically takes fifteen months to open an Aroma espresso bar from the date the franchise agreement is signed. The main stepping stones are signing the franchise agreement; the six-month franchisee training program; finding a location; negotiating and signing the lease; and designing and building the espresso bar. Some of these steps can be done simultaneously.

The Aroma experience is meant to be friendly, fluid, and reliable from location to location. It has been carefully crafted over time and through expertise gained from trial and error. Thus you have very limited freedom to make changes to Aroma's branding or core menu and any changes must be approved by Aroma prior to use.

In some cases Aroma will consider franchising multiple locations to one owner. Factors taken into account include performance at your first Aroma espresso bar, financials, and the presence of a managing partner at each branch. Aroma will also consider franchisees who want to develop a certain area. Please see the Franchise page for additional information.

A Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a legal document provided by the franchisor to the franchisee as mandated by the United States Federal Trade Commission. Its purpose is to outline important business information about the franchise opportunity being offered. It is designed to help you better understand our brand and precedes the franchise agreement.

We make our Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) available to you in electronic format. The electronic copy of the FDD that we provide is in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat software in order to view and print the FDD. We will also provide a paper copy of the FDD to you if you request it.

An Aroma Espresso bar has a distinct and universal core design that carries through from location to location. In addition to the guidance we will provide to you in person and through our team of architects and designers, you will receive a store prototype and plan, and equipment specs in your start-up kit that will describe the steps necessary to complete the shared vision for your Aroma espresso bar.

Prior to opening your team will be trained at an existing Aroma espresso bar. Currently, training is conducted in Miami, FL. In addition, a corporate team will assist you when opening your new Aroma.

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